Free and Online

Internet health is right into its second Issue, and we are really beginning to experience the advantages of being free and online. We are aware of the fact that we would never reach the readership that we enjoy now [Thanks to search engines] if we had decided to publish it in some other form.

In fact, the flexibility of continuous publishing would not have happened without being online. The continuous publishing policy of Internet Health allows for instant publishing of accepted manuscripts-which could do away with the time lag often seen in other formats of publication.

Internet Health upholds and supports the policy of Open and Free Access to all articles published in this Journal. This means anybody could access, copy, store and redistribute any articles we publish [provided proper credits are given and a link to the original article in Internet health is provided]. Though the authors retain the copyrights of their articles, we do not [and will not at any cost] charge the authors for publication [as other Open Access Publishers do]. This does not imply that the publication is cost free. In fact, we explore all avenues to cut costs. For example, we are trying to move our e-mail based manuscript tracking system to a web based service provided free of cost by the International Consortium for the Advancement of Academic Publication.